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  1. Make it all about the vision, not the money! Pretty hard to do considering that money is the end goal, yes, but it has been documented that most of the successful businesses set out with a vision, for example, providing the best experience at the gym, giving the world the fastest car, saving the world through use of more solar power! There you go! What is the vision for your affiliate marketing blog? Do you just want to make money or do you really want to give great information on the best ways to get rid of acne and save a young girl some agony? You have to have a vision. A desire to be the best in something and when everyone recognizes that you are the best in that field they will come to you.
  2. Hire the right people, passive income affiliate blogging is a business like any other and you need to hire the right people for whatever you need getting done. If you need someone to write an article for you, you need to hire someone that can write well or at least do the outline so well that it takes you a few minutes to correct it, reformat it and post it. Read reviews on writers if you are hiring at Fiverr. There are some good writers out there and some lousy ones. Likewise, there are people who can design your logo well and there are people who will give you a cheap knock-off.
  3. Let your customers do the marketing for you, think Amazon.. Amazon has over the years grown by word of mouth. In the case of affiliate income blogging, your readers are your customers and you want to provide them with enough value that they hit that share button over and over again whenever they read your articles. You want them to be willing to share that information with their friends and family, thus, again provide value.
  4. Think long term and what your long term goals are. When we got into blogging for our affiliate websites, our one thought was to grow the affiliate marketing blogs and then sell them off. However we are enjoying the work and are now rethinking our goals. For example, what if we got to the level where we could compete with The Huff Post? What if we set goals to be the best in the field? Yes, think long term and think hard about if this is something that you could pass on to others as a business, craft it as a business with specific goals and it will be that much easier to grow.
  5. Do thought experiments with your friends and family and strangers. You can do this by soliciting for opinions and then brainstorming with a few close people. Seeking a wider opinion will point you towards certain directions which you hadn’t anticipated but which will be good for your business in the wrong run. Don’t be afraid to reject opinions that don’t gel with your mission, assuming you have one.
  6. Form close bonds with your workers as you are going to be with them for a long time. Your workers can make or break you. In fact in extreme cases, they can sabotage you and have you crying.
  7. Have self-confidence in the decisions that you make. A lot of passive income affiliate bloggers work on their own and it is important that you have the self-confidence to make decisions, even as simple as posting a half-written article, which of course the gurus say is the laziest worst thing you could do… Aaargh, we have done a lot of that and intend to revise a lot of our content. Better some content than nothing, right? We have confidence like that
  8. Celebrate each person’s individuality, there will be various people on your team as you grow bigger and rather than change them, you want to embrace their individuality. Say you have 4 different writers on your team, you will soon come to notice that they have 4 distinctly different writing styles. How can you celebrate them and embrace their oddities? Food for thought, even for ourselves. Think of it this way, as a small blog, you might have started with one writer. But someday, that writer may not be available. Are you good enough to take on a different writer and use them?
  9. Maximise customer experience, this can happen in so many ways. We did an article on how to make your blog pretty and keep your customers coming back to read more because the visual experience gives them pleasure. Or perhaps you have an easy way for your customers to download your digital products without jumping through hoops and loops. There are so many ways you can make a better experience. Okay, don’t judge us. We know the ways. We haven’t fully implemented them but we will get there. Note to self… Improve the experience…
  10. Just be happy! Your happiness isn’t based on extraneous factors such as getting more money! Alrighty! That’s a fib… you caught us… We don’t know how you are going to keep yourself happy but know that happiness or sadness or most any emotion can be conveyed by your choice of words.

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey and especially so, if you are working from home on your affiliate blog with nobody to talk to, to run ideas by. We have tried to focus this article on the passive income affiliate blogger who is starting out by themselves. If we missed anything of importance, let us know. We are always willing to be corrected so that we can also grow our passive income. Comment down below and link us up to your website.