Needless to say that we wish our Alexa Rank could improve so that we would finally be seen and start to bring in those big bucks. That’s why we are here, right? To make our passive income affiliate blog the number one go to website in the blogosphere so that we can finally take a backseat! Or that much awaited trip to the Eiffel Tower. Sigh…

With this end goal in mind, we began to look into ways or strategies that we need to adopt TODAY so that we can start to rank. Understood? So here are the strategies that we have discovered and which we will start to apply, one at a time, for we don’t want to be overwhelmed by the tasks.

  1. We have learned that many first-time affiliate marketers make the same mistake that we have actually been making. The mistake of trying to dominate everywhere instead of concentrating on one niche and gradually widening out into other niches as we grow stronger. Gurus advise that you concentrate on one niche and go very deep into it. Yes, you can spread yourself too thin until you become ineffective. Limit yourself to one niche for the moment and become a specialist in it so that people deliberately seek you out.
  2. Are you creating content that is so good that your competition are struggling to keep up with you? This is something that you need to look into as quickly as possible. Be that person whose content is so good that people, your clients, come back to. This doesn’t need elaboration. Just create good content. Forget about quantity, focus on quality.
  3. Build a brand that adds value to your readers and consumers of the products that you are promoting.
  4. Are you still conflicted about which affiliate programs you should promote? Make up your mind quickly. Will it be those ones with a one time huge payment or are we going for recurring payments? In the end you might be better off with recurring payments therefore you should choose products which offer recurring payments. Just our opinion.
  5. Do not rely on a single anything, whether it be a single affiliate program that you love or a single source of traffic such as Facebook or Google. They are always changing their algorithms and you might be hot today and cold tomorrow. Cover all your bets. Yes, that seems to contradict everything we have said before, but you will find a perfect balance. We haven’t yet. Day to day, we are changing our strategies and exploring this and that, but we will settle down eventually on one or two products.
  6. 6. Make your website mobile friendly. Everyone or almost everyone now has the mobile phone in their hands and you could be missing out on a lot of traffic because of not making this minor adjustment.
  7. 7. Study trends and be able to predict the next trending idea or product such that you get in at the very beginning to make that quick supplemental profit. Find ways to know the trends whether it is by mingling with the younger crowd, the influencers, do what you need to do to stay ahead in the information world.
  8. Sign up with high value products too. While it might be easier to sell $10 items and make a dollar, realize that if you sell one $1000 item, you are way far ahead. This is not to say that you should cut off the cheaper affiliate programs in which you are excelling, but do add some high earners.
  9. Decide whether your strategy is going to be topic targeted or keywords targeted. We are unable to recommend either of them as the preferable one because different experts vouch for both methods. I guess you have to decide for yourself. Either way, choose one.
  10. Experiment with new stuff, new ways of promoting the affiliate products as long as you have read the rules and are not breaking them. It’s easy to be too enthusiastic and go overboard. Don’t do it. Perhaps err on the side of caution?

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the above suggestions and which one has worked for you. As stated, we are still exploring which of the above strategies will work for us and if you let us know your experiences, we might all become better.