What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

One of the greatest problems that you’re going to have as a new online affiliate marketer is deciding which affiliate program to sign up for and which one not to sign up for. You will soon discover that there are thousands of programs wanting to sign you up. For every one program that rejects you there are one hundred others that will snap you up. How do you choose from the plethora? Spend some time researching on what programs you want to promote. Ensure that it is a product you like or are happy to spend time promoting. Somewhere on this site we have put together a list of the many programs that we recommend.

How to Find the Right Affiliate Program

Many of the affiliate programs pay a lot of money for one time only. However there are some of them that pay a recurring commission every month once your client signs up and obviously you will be tempted to sign up for each of the programs. The reasoning would be that then you’re more likely to make more money if signed up for all of them. But this is not how it works. If you sign up for too many programs and trust me they have thousands of programs to choose from and many of them will accept you, you will find that you spread too thin to focus on any of them and in the end you might not promote any of them as much as is necessary to make any money.

At the beginning, I found myself in this trap of signing up for every program that would accept me and I spent a fair amount of time creating these accounts. But in the end it finally dawns on you that you just can’t do everything you have to be more focused. Focus is what will bring it home for you. Since I realize this I have scaled down quite a bit and I have decided to concentrate on about 20 programs down from the 100 programs that I spent precious time applying to and getting approved when I ought to have from the beginning chosen 10 good programs and expended more effort on them.

So how does one choose a good program? This is something that you will have to decide for yourself considering things such as the way you want to be paid, including how often you want to be paid, how much do you want to be paid how much time you want to put into selling the programs and the way the commissions are set up. Some programs pay you every month for the sign-up as long as the customer continues to pay, so you get money every month. Some programs pay you one time and you go your way. So it really depends in the long run what you’re trying to achieve. I personally have decided to go with recurring payment programs because the way I figure it in the long run I’m going to make more money from somebody who pays a regular subscription then from a person who buys one time and takes off.

Do you have to pay to join an Affiliate Program?

Do you have to pay to become an affiliate in the best affiliate programs? We don’t subscribe to the thought of paying someone to promote his product. We think our time is a little worth more than that and so we prefer the free ones. Thousands of affiliate programs are free to join and get paid. Recently we have come across a few programs where you have to pay to join. Why? Seriously, why would I pay you to work for you?

Affiliate marketing programs should be free and easy to join, unless they are pyramid schemes. Most affiliate programs are free to join and no experience is required in most cases. You only need to fill a signup form and begin to promote the offers. Just join, promote and earn. In this long article we shall link you to affiliate programs that we think you should sign up for. They fit our criteria as discussed in this article here. FREE! And LUCRATIVE!

If you paid to join an affiliate program, let us know how it’s going and how much money you make. Because we would never pay when there are thousands of free affiliate programs to join and earn passive income. If you are open to paying to joining paid programs, because they promise you that you are going to make more, whom are we to object? We shall feature some paid programs too, but we will be sure to point out that this is a paid program.

5 Tips on choosing the best affiliate programs

The Niche: 8 best earning affiliate niches

While we didn’t do the formal research and can neither confirm nor deny the niches suggested below, we can tell you that these niches are what many people say, hey the money 💰 is found here. This is not to say that should you choose something outside of these, you won’t make any money. In fact you might make more money by staying out of these niches. So maybe let us revise our headlines and say, these are the niches where the population spend the most money. And so it follows that because most people spend a major part of their income on these niches, there is a high chance that your affiliate income blog would make you a lot of passive income. Also, there is the possibility that you might make no money because every affiliate is working under one of these niches below…

Alrighty, now that we have added in that long disclaimer, you know so you don’t blame us for not getting the gold, here are the niches in no particular order.. Did we stress enough that this is where every affiliate marketing blogger or vlogger is working? In a future article we shall try to break down the niches into appropriate sub niches so your efforts can be more razor focused. Tell us which of these niches you have worked in and where the money is… There is room for everyone to make their mark.

The Tech Niche
The Health Niche
Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing Niche
Love and Relationship Niche
Personal Finance and Investment Niche
The Pet Care Niche
The Movie and Music Niche
The Fashion and Beauty Niche

It’s Free to Join

There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs out there for which you can sign up, at no charge to you, and which will pay you to promote them. Did you see what I just did there? You might have missed it because I did not underline and bolden the word, free. Excuse me. Let me go right ahead and do that now. FREE!!! I was pretty shocked 😳 to discover that people pay to join some affiliate programs. Now please explain to me, in a language that I can understand, why the hell do you want me to pay 💰 you so that I can then work hard to promote your product and then you pay me a measly 3% of the colossal amount that I will bring in? Here I am thinking that you should pay me to work for you, not the other way around. It’s for this reason that I passed on and swiftly rejected the funnels thing which people on YouTube are urging you to join. What can I say? I am a cheapskate. They say it takes money to make money 💰. But honestly I would rather use that money elsewhere, like having some wine. Okay that was our first best tip. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WHICH YOU HAVE TO PAY TO JOIN!

Threshold for Payment

Now for our second tip, how does the affiliate program pay? One time I worked for an affiliate program which wouldn’t pay out any money to you unless you hit a certain threshold. So say they could only pay once you hit $50, this simply meant that they couldn’t pay you if you made $45. They would hold it. And we all know how tricky it can be to hit that last stretch. That $5 might never be made. But thankfully there are now so many affiliate programs which will send you the $10 that you earned this month, straight into your PayPal account or even send you a paycheck. Don’t get trapped into these affiliate programs if you are not okay with this. That’s our second tip.

How long do the cookies last?

Also we insist that you look into how long the cookies last. Say you send a client from your website to purchase a product at the affiliate program you are promoting. Does the cookie, in layman’s language, the tracking last for a month or 24 hours? If they, the customer doesn’t buy immediately but comes back to buy after a week, do you get paid or not? These are things to consider as you decide on the best affiliate program to join. I am for choosing an affiliate program which pays more than a month later. As we know, most people don’t buy immediately. Sometimes they have to think about it or consult with their partners.

Refunds on Commission

Next… Let’s consider that you are working as an affiliate partner with a major reputable company. And as you do your affiliate marketing conscientiously and send clients over… What happens if in the process they goof up with the client? The client purchased the products and on your dashboard you saw your commission piling up. And you have a budget. You already allocated the money into your budget items. Client returns products. Should you get paid? Some best affiliate programs will still pay you. And some will deduct the money from you. I have heard horror stories of people losing up to $50,000. You have to read the small print that’s all we are saying. Please understand what you are signing up for so you don’t waste your time and then get penalized for it. There are great affiliate programs out there.

The List of Affiliate Programs

Here’s a list of programs that you should join. This is a growing list, a work in progress, so be sure to bookmark this post and share it. We shall add to the list every other day. If you know any programs that we should link to, please let us know in the comments below.

We have not yet joined some of these programs but word on the street is that they have some of the best payout affiliate commissions, repeat, we cannot confirm that. Before you expend your time and energy on promoting any affiliate programs, do more research on them so that you can only blame yourself when you don’t make that passive income and become a millionaire. We will add notes to the ones that we have joined so you can know what to expect.

As usual we look forward to your comments, help us out by telling us which affiliate programs worked out for you, and if they didn’t work out, was it them or were you the cause of the problems? Are there other affiliate programs you think we should join?

Random high paying Affiliate Programs

First things first, you really should NOT join all of them. Not all the programs will be suitable for you. Treat this as a list for you to explore. I believe we did an article on how to choose the affiliate programs that are suitable for you. If you didn’t already read that article, please do so. We classified them as random, merely because we are still editing this post. In due time, we shall be able to classify these into various niches and add links directly to the join up pages to make your work easier. Bookmark this post.

Contant Contact
WP Engine
Hammacher Schlemmer
Yves Rocher
BH Cosmetics
Sandals Resorts
Capitalist Exploits
Sage Financials
Invoice Ninja




WP Engine

Liquid Web

The Postal programs

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

The best credit card affiliate programs that you should join today to make money online

American Express Canada
Bankrate Credit Cards
USAA Credit Cards
Luxury Card
Commission Soup
Scotiabank Credit Cards
Capital Bank
Upgrade Credit Card
Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

Travel Niche Affiliate Programs

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
Expedia Affiliate Program
Kayak Affiliate Program
World Nomads Travel Affiliate Program
Lonely Planet Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program
Agoda Travel Affiliate Program

As usual please comment below and leave us your thoughts. Also look elsewhere on this site for the best affiliate programs to join. We shall in due course link to some below and will continue adding to the list. Thanks and see you later. Until next time, adieus amigos..