1. Change the theme and get a whole new look
  2. Make a new logo and rebrand, we did an article on places where you can make a free logo
  3. Open up your blog to other contributors as this gives fresh new perspectives to your readers
  4. Increase your social media presence by sharing your posts
  5. Optimize the content for better ranking on Google and Alexa
  6. Link more of your posts to each other so that your readers can stay longer (interlinking)
  7. Edit the outside links to open in new windows
  8. Install a related posts plugin
  9. Feature some popular posts on your sidebar
  10. Update your social media profiles and add your website link to them
  11. Improve your SEO
  12. Use social media scheduler to publish more on your social media platforms
  13. Post long keyword rich content regularly, assuming you already know which long keywords you wish to rank for
  14. Work on those backlinks, try to add 2 daily
  15. Visit other less used and less popular platforms such as StumbleUpon
  16. Grow that email list and send out a newsletter to remind people that you still exist
  17. Share your old posts, the ones you did before you became famous, remember to reread them first
  18. Edit your old posts now that you are better at this work
  19. Make your website mobile friendly since a lot of traffic comes from people using cellphones
  20. Improve site navigation
  21. Engage your readers by responding to their comments
  22. Provide something for your readers… Yes, it is time! You are now an expert on your subject and should give a free eBook!

Strictly speaking, these are things we have also just learned so we will implement them gradually in the coming weeks. If you do know of any other way to revamp an old blog which we have missed, please do let us know. We are always excited to keep learning how to improve our affiliate blogs so we can make that passive income.