Recently we posted a long list of 30 super bloggers who are now earning millions of dollars per month, either through offering a place for advertisement placement or through pay per click programs. These programs included Huffington Post among others. Granted, it is a large organization these days and employs many writers to keep the content fresh and new. But perhaps you didn’t know that they started as bloggers like you, lone ranger, with a dream and a vision?

Well, here are 4 reasons why you too can not only dream but can start today as a passive income online blogger and get the money you deserve by putting in some fierce effort.

Some key benefits include:

  1. Getting into the blog industry has very low entry costs – you only need to purchase a website and start joining various affiliate programs and promote them as much as you can. Sounds easy enough. Actually we did an article on what we would do with $100 to start a blogging empire. If you haven’t read the article, we shall leave a link down below to see how we ended up the proud owners of 4 websites.
  2. A blogging empire is easy to run at the beginning. It is comprised of you and if you can afford it, a few content writers. You do not have to manage any staff, and you are not committed to any overheads since you basically wing it as you go. For example, if this month you make more money, you may pay more writers to give you some amazing content. If you don’t make any money, you double your efforts to do everything by yourself. It is you against the world and it is as cheap as you want to make it.
  3. When you run a blogging empire, or an affiliate marketing website, you can expect to make passive income. Sometimes a lot of it. Refer to the 30 websites or super bloggers that we listed previously. They make a lot of passive income while sleeping. I have good news for you. Once your blogging empire has grown, you too will earn as you sleep. But for now as you begin, we needn’t emphasize that there is a lot of work involved. Keep in mind the end goal, the passive income.
  4. There is a lot of exposure and recognition by advertisers who want to use your platform to promote products to a vast audience. Think blogs like Techcrunch which are always the first ones to introduce cutting edge products to the rest of the world. In a few years if you start today, you would be that person whom advertisers look for, they approach you and ask for your services and pay you to mention them. Sweet!

If we haven’t convinced you yet on why you should take a leap of faith and start building your online affiliate marketing empire today, take a look at this article which shows you the proof, the figures that others are earning. Here you go, read that article.

As usual, do leave us comments down below on whether you have started affiliate income blogging, and how it is going. We like hearing your opinions.