We all want to retain our loyal readers without seeming like pests. How can we do this without badgering them? We have spent some time researching on this and as usual, I will come straight to the point. These are 5 ways we have heard are working for the larger websites and many affiliate program marketers swear by them:

  1. Newsletters: All the best people in the field recommend that from the first day you should start harvesting email addresses. And every week you should send a newsletter to remind people that you still exist. One of the disadvantages of writing on the blog is that if you don’t get followers you don’t get people to retweet and you don’t accumulate friends for example like on Facebook where you know who is reading your stuff. It is for this reason, the feedback, that you should from the beginning start working on your affiliate website’s newsletter. Just a nudge, every week or every other week. Remember you don’t want to spam people. It is against the law.
  2. Loyalty Rewards: I was doing research on this redemption of customers I found out that many brands and bigger companies have a loyalty rewards. It is these loyalty rewards and gifts which keep people coming back. What can you is a lone ranger do to keep people coming back to you ? What can you who has very limited Capital offer? This is where the newsletter comes in if you have no not written a book to give away. Just in case you don’t you don’t want to do the newsletter this is the time you really should consider writing that giveaway book. The trouble with this is that once they have read the first book, then you need to give away a second and a third. However this might be good for you in the long run because you can also sell those books.
  3. Social Media Growth: Remember that the value of your blog is also based on the number of frequent and retained customers. In this case we are counting your readers as your customers because you are selling them information so this is a case of you being the seller, and the readers being your customers. If it ever comes to selling your blog, the potential buyers will want to know how many people read the blog and one of the metrics will be the people for your email every week. At that point the other metrics will be how many social followers you have.
  4. Customer Bonding: Involve your customers and readers in what you are doing and get suggestions from them on how to grow your affiliate income blog. Perhaps you could ask them to suggest topics for you to write on. And when you do finally get round to writing the topics that they suggested, you could then email them and let them know you had written this. This way they feel more invested.
  5. Your employees: Show your employees that they are a part of this process by asking them for their opinions. In the past, larger companies had suggestion boxes. In recent times, there are meetings during which people air their opinions. Perhaps you are missing out on something and the employees could give you guidance. In the case of the lonely affiliate marketer, perhaps you could ask other writers for the sort of articles that people are interested in. Hang out in forums with other affiliate marketers and see the questions that people are asking. This way you know what is relevant today and in the future.

Our conclusion on this? Well, it is not an easy task to write to people every week. In fact if I think about myself personally I know I have often regretted subscribing to newsletters and I often send them directly to spam. Therefore, the challenge will be to give such value that the subscribers actually look forward to receiving your newsletter and it is not a burden to them. Remember to tell us which of the above tips you implemented for your passive income affiliate blog. We are rather enjoying giving out these tips as we come across them and we would like to learn from you too. Use the comments section.