No doubt this year, 2020, has been rough for most of us because of the coronavirus. A lot of established big businesses have collapsed and either filed bankruptcy or are on the verge of doing so. A few big names that immediately spring to mind include Hertz, Brooks Brothers, and several others.

Companies like Valentino’s are suing their landlords to get out of their tight expensive leases. Daily we are bombarded with news and dire predictions on who is about to collapse or lay off workers.

Because of all this horrible news, we decided to research and find out which areas of business one might almost be guaranteed to make some money. Hence, this article on the 7 areas of business that will grow this year in spite of everything or because of the pandemic…

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Stock marketing investing
  3. Online Education will grow and overtake traditional education
  4. Online collaboration tools _ teams, zoom
  5. Ecommerce will grow because people don’t want to go into stores
  6. Agricultural
  7. Shortage of food, closure of restaurants means people need food to cook at home
  8. The Gig economy, freelance platforms will grow
  9. The cannabis industry as more states and countries legalize

Which businesses are you getting into? We are rather hopefully that online affiliate marketing grows.