Yes, yes, you have spent considerable time writing those posts. But they are not perfect yet. Great news! They will never be perfect because there is always something more that you could do to improve them. Well, here are 7 things you could do today. Or next week… Just put them on your to-do-list


1. Grammar and spelling mistakes, perhaps you forgot to use that spellcheck thing as you were in such a hurry to get out the content. Now go back and make sure that you sort out those pesky details.


2. If you added images that weren’t suitable for the message that you were trying to convey, this is a good time to switch them up. Perhaps at the time you started the affiliate blog, you hadn’t discovered the perfect place to get your free images. Or you are now able to commission someone to draw exclusive pictures or paintings. Well, this downtime is a great time to replace them.


3. Add subtitles! Guilty here! We have absolutely no subtitles, yet we know that subtitles draw the reader’s eye to the points of emphasis. Go through your articles and add the important sub-titles.

Font Sizes

4. Make the font bigger if it is too small… Yes, guilty again. Honestly, we don’t have the know-how to change up some of the font sizes or it would kind of skew the content… Excuses! Yes, realize that a section of your readers need bigger fonts to read faster and better, thus improve their experience by making fonts bigger.

Social Share

5. Make your articles shareable. This should be the easy part, mostly because you just need to add a plugin. But sometimes the right plugin is costly or too expensive and the free ones drag down the speed of your website. There are usually a lot of issues going on with the plugins but try to find the right one because you do want people to share your content and make you famous and rich.


6. Spare some money for editing now or in the future. Realize that your writing isn’t perfect and you may need a fresh eye, either from another writer or an editor. They might make suggestions for improvement which could surprise you.

Bold & Italics

7. Make your keywords bold. Here, we are making the assumption that you have been writing for some time and you have used some keywords analysis tools and finally made up your mind on which keywords you want to be ranked. Therefore, this should be easy to make the keywords bold. Matter of fact this is the easiest of the tips we have provided.

As usual do let us know which of the above tips you have used and if we have missed out on any, write them in the comments below so we can also improve our affiliate marketing websites and make that passive income.