Disclaimer… we only came across this today so we haven’t tried them but they are definitely in our to do list… At this point our to do list is getting annoyingly long and overwhelming.. Is your list as long as ours? Who knew there was so much work to do in order to make passive income! This is actually harder than a day job, but I suppose the money will start rolling in some day!

So according to the other gurus, not us, the basics of good search engine optimization are fairly simple. Duh! We wouldn’t expect you to tire yourself out. So do the following in no particular order:

  1. Ensure that it is easy for a search engine to figure out the topic of your page. And how do you do this? That’s up to you to find out. Probably make sure that the keyword for which you are trying to get ranked appears in the headline. But after a while, I think this would get a little spammy, right?
  2. Again on that pesky keyword you want to rank for: include the keyword in appropriate places in your article and among the places suggested are, the title, the page heading, the introduction, throughout the article, in the meta description, in alt tags, at the end of the article, in links on the page, in bold or italics and in lists on your pages! Wow, that is a lot right there. I feel that the article would then tend to become repetitive and too artificial! What do you think?
  3. Again, use the keywords in naming your files and images! Sigh! It looks like we are in for a lot of revision of all our posts because we have been naming pictures whichever way we wish with no rhyme or reason, for example if we posted a tree we named it tree instead of say “passive income tree!” Wow!
  4. Introduce synonyms and word variations of your keywords in the articles that you write. Again, we can foresee more revisions. This means that you identify your keywords, determine appropriate synonyms and then use them because someone looking for information might be using the synonym to do a search. Therefore, you double your chances of being found.
  5. Continue to get those backlinks which we have spoken about before, and so when you submit your articles to those bigger busier websites, just ensure that the keyword for which you are trying to rank is sprinkled liberally in the articles. No sense in writing articles which do not directly benefit you. Or?
  6. When naming your images, make sure that the names are not only appropriate for the image but they reflect the keyword for which you want to rank, so perhaps if you use a tree and you trying to rank for affiliate, perhaps you can name it affiliate tree? Dunno! You probably could but there is such a thing as going to far and becoming a little tedious such that you drive people away.
  7. Don’t forget to create that sitemap so that the search engines can determine how to rank you when they crawl your website. In a previous article we already recommended that you install the plugin from www.google.com but if you are unable to install it, find a way to create a sitemap. Treat it as urgent.
  8. Procure links from other sites not only to your internal pages but also to your main pages.

This is just a few examples of things that you could do to rank better. There are many other ways to rank your passive income affiliate blog which we will talk about in future articles. But for the moment tell us how this is working out for you, and also if you are aware of other strategies that we haven’t mentioned above, let us know in the comments below. We too want to improve our online affiliate websites and get more of that passive income.