I never miss something to write about. The only reason why this website isn’t filled to the brim is because, on some days I am simply overwhelmed by how much I need to get done, and on some other days, most days I say fekkit, I don’t feel like doing anything. I am just going to chill and watch 100 Escape to the Country videos on YouTube. Tell me you don’t dream of living in a cottage in Warwickshire or Worcestershire, a thatched cottage surrounded by a dreamy English rose garden. Like magic, the garden works itself… 😔 sigh!

Anyhoo, I was saying that I never miss a topic to write about. I have 1000 ideas and if I could hire 50 people, the money would be rolling in on steroids. But I do understand that some people cannot find ideas…

Okay, you need to do this

1. Set up Google trends, right here on this link https://www.google.com/alerts
They will let you know what information people are looking for.

2. Read a random old newspaper, yes if you haven’t been convinced by Marie Kondo to throw away everything in your house, you do have those. Which reminds me I was looking for those old Reader’s Digests and can’t get any. Yes, read one of those old magazines and you will find an article that needs a new spin.

3. Choose a social media and be active on it once a week or so, and I am not talking about blindly sharing your articles. I am saying, actually talk to people and you will learn a lot of stuff. Lately I prefer Reddit and Twitter for learning new stuff in a short amount of time. Facebook for me remains the biggest waste of time.

4. There’s a nifty tool called ask the public, or something… I tried to use it last month but I was overwhelmed when I punched in one word and it regurgitated 100 possibilities of what I could write about. Also I figured, since it is automated, it probably gives the same recommendations to everyone. Like if you type in affiliate, it will give you the same topics it gave me. Still it blows my mind!

There are a thousand other ways, read a book and critique it… write a letter to a dear old friend describing a product or service that you cannot live without…

That kind of thing. I have never been faced with a blank white page that I couldn’t conquer. Watch out for the day they invent a pill against procrastination.

By the way how is your passive income coming along? Any money from the affiliate marketing blog yet? I fear I may have to hang up my cowboy boots soon.

Here, I found the nifty tool as promised earlier

Answer the public