99 percent of  people fail passive income affiliate marketing because they are impatient

Here is the best advice I have come across about affiliate marketing. It was offered by a guru who goes by the handle of Ajrantz on Reddit…

He or she said

if you’re feeling crushed about getting into affiliate marketing/blogging and it and it feels like it’s too much just remind yourself you’re not really creating just a website, actually you’re creating a business.

This business can’t be created overnight especially without time and experience. There’s a lot of hours of research and tons of time invested into planning potential revenue streams, design aspects and content strategies.

Sure, you may be on this path for months or even years to come before really getting it nailed down, but while on this trip you’ll be learning a method for starting a successful business model and all the challenges that come with it. Digital marketing is an invaluable skill to have for yourself personally, and commercially within the job market.

You don’t have to be a wizard at this stuff, you just need to be consistent and resourceful. Age, Articles and Authority are the only things needed to rank on Google and generate revenue. When you reach a point where you can see the end before the beginning, you’ll execute projects like a business, and not like a learning experience.

This is an investment into yourself as much as it is into your particular project because as you learn what isn’t working you’ll start to learn what does. If you’re like me, and hate working for long periods of time, spend more time researching, studying, and learning.

You can listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, read and reply to reddit posts, advancing your knowledge in preparation for your project, and execute in batches. Find a way to launch your website with enough work involved in 30 days that will last the year.

End of quote…

I cannot overemphasize the need to not treat affiliate marketing as a get rich quick scheme. It is a business one builds over many hours of slaving over the laptop. One might say that it either takes a lot of sweat equity or a lot of money to pay for services that will help you grow.

Consider the YouTube model of monetization… YouTube will not allow you to add ads to your channel until you have met certain conditions such as the number of viewers and subscribers.

In the same manner, one should not expect to earn millions of dollars without bringing in traffic. It’s not easy bringing in traffic. But then again it’s not impossible. It all depends on your resources and resourcefulness.

If you have started your money making blog you are one step ahead and you must persist on the journey. The moment you give up, then it is over. But just think, what if you continue for one more year? The blog will be a year older and more valuable.

Also, let’s never forget that cool guy known as Edison. How many times did he fail? Nobody knows but he said it was many many times!! Imagine if he had given up!! This is a light bulb moment!!! Did you just see that? How do I even come up with this!!! Amazing…

Anyway, I was saying, don’t stop trying today!! Maybe next year, but for today, we are going to keep going with our online passive income blogs and maybe just maybe, Google will buy us out for the wonderful content..