As you venture into affiliate marketing the question that will likely plague you is whether you are going to make any money from affiliate marketing through online blogging. You will wonder if you have made a big mistake getting into the field as there are no instant rewards. It takes a while to start making any reasonable passive income.

But honestly the truth about affiliate marketing and if it can make you rich or if you can make money with affiliate marketing, the answer is YES, with affiliate programs you can make extra cash on the side and even a full-time income from home. Many people have done it. You need only talk to a few established bloggers and confirm this fact.

Some people make millions of dollars. When you think of it, big newspapers nowadays which only have an online presence, are bloggers. The only difference between themselves and you is that they probably have a staff of 100 bloggers and software developers, while you are just one person. But they also started where you are today, perhaps 20 years ago. If you persist, you will also be as big in a few years. Maybe even bigger