One of the things which millionaires and billionaires have in common is that they celebrate any little achievements that they make. It becomes a big show which then leads to setting new milestones and thus prompting you to set bigger and greater milestones. And so, we are choosing to celebrate.

Yesterday we earned our first $0.008 as bloggers! Thank you

We are beyond elated. This is the start of a long journey of distinction! Someone has finally paid for us to write and develop our extraordinarily witty brilliant sharp writing skills… Okay, that’s over the top. But as we blog more, we are learning how to be better with words and how to present our articles. There is a lot of new stuff we are learning.

Our only regret at this point is that we didn’t start years ago. One of the reasons we didn’t start was we were influenced by the reputation that blogging has. You know, it is weird that people consider it a job with no skills attached to it. You often hear people say, hey he is a mere blogger! Bugger it all! We wish we had ignored all that negativity. Just think, if you start your blogging empire today, in 10 years you will have made quite a giant leap. So whenever you are tempted to stop that blog that you started yesterday, because you have earned nothing from it, remember that Ms. Arianna Huffington who started the Huffington Post, today known as The Huff Post, earns $5,000,000 monthly. She started the lonely journey of blogging 25 years ago. The Huff Post, which is the largest blogging empire makes $70,000,000 monthly.

Guess where you will be in 25 years if you persist? Your future generations will describe you as a maverick. As the grandpa or grandma who created generational wealth. Okay we are still celebrating the $0.008 that we earned! It is not a huge amount, but the validation that it gives us, is worth more than that a thousand times.

Let us know in the comments section below, what is keeping you motivated and if you care to share what you blog about on your passive income website, feel free to tell us. Hey, we will even visit your blog to learn some new tricks. Do share!