An article on the 100 most beautiful English words had respondents scrambling to outdo themselves in using as many of the 100 words in one paragraph as they possibly could. One of the responses that intrigued us was by a certain John, and we quote him below…

I find myself in the bucolic arms of this surreptitious enclave – where time seems desultory, the dalliance between the sun and sky is like an imbrication of ineffable whispers; in this mellifluous surrounding where even the susurrus of running waters is eloquent beyond the sudden epiphany of time… I brood; my thoughts conflate… and the plethora of words ravel – woven like a Persian carpet … albeit is sumptuous, indeed, not capable of sounds. My lips are sealed. In stillness I await the harbinger, the harbinger of hope. I pray it bears some news, a sign, the leastest scintilla, that spark of love I dearly miss.

What a beautiful paragraph! And what great mastery of language on display. Besides the beauty in the language, the paragraph totally fails to communicate any message to the average reader.

The average reader has a vocabulary of 5000 English words and often has to resort to dictionaries and other reference books. Most people will only look up words when doing assignments or performing tasks at work for which they are paid.

It would be impractical and a waste of your time to show off your wordsmith skills if half your readers don’t understand where you are coming from. It is as simple as that. For your affiliate marketing blog to generate any passive income, you need to identify with your potential clients. Know whom you are writing for. Know their level of comprehension and then pass the message. Now is not the time to wow us with your grasp of vocabulary or tongue twisters.

Leave us a comment below on how you are adjusting your language to suit your audience. Perhaps you are having to cope with the other end of the spectrum where your language is too simple and you are adjusting upwards for a more intellectual crowd. Whichever way, let us know your thoughts on language use in your passive income affiliate blog