Things change so fast in the internet world, one minute you are able to do this one thing, and when you return the next day, it isn’t possible. Or worse you find you have been blacklisted and all your comments have been deleted.

What have we learned in our attempts to create backlinks? Besides the obvious, that you have to get extremely creative…

1. Many larger older directories have curtly informed us that we need to pay them to place our link on their sites. One link typically costs between $39 and $600. One miserable 😩 link.. However we understand that a link from Forbes would catapult us into internet heaven in 3 nanoseconds.. Perhaps we should fork out that money. But there’s the niggling doubt that our link would be seen. These larger older websites have thousands of minions working day and night to produce content that will bury your link deeper. It is like throwing your money into a hole and then people throw dirt onto it and cover it. At first we were going to put up a list here of the 50 largest directories but we think it should be a reciprocal relationship. So scratch that article…

2. On sites like Quora, we have been banned despite writing lengthy well researched comments and inserting our links. Reason being, you are relatively new on the forum and you haven’t proved your worth. Also you haven’t used your given real name and qualifications! Jeez! Who knew this was a job interview? On Facebook, they are now blacklisting website that post and repost their links. Suddenly they are interested in better content. See this is what happens when companies grow large and almost become a monopoly, monsters! After years of growing, based on free content, suddenly, hey you cannot post those links here. Take them elsewhere. And there’s no way to appeal to a gigantic monster.

Luckily, there are two places where you can still post links in the right places, after being a little helpful of course. Our top pick is Pinterest… Indeed Pinterest has been way underrated by affiliate bloggers. Those guys over there are so good, you can pin all your websites over there with no eyebrows raised.

Another gem is Reddit. As long as you don’t piss off the moderators, and the bots patrolling the place, you can pitch your tent there and be super helpful.

Alrighty, we are done with this for the moment. As soon as we find people who welcome us, we shall add links to them