Flipping websites has been around as a business model ever since the first domain name was registered. A few clever people recognized that domain names would become scarce and as such they picked them up as speculators and held onto them. A few years later, they made blazing profits from reselling to interested parties. It’s not uncommon to see domain names being snapped up at a million dollars.

However, because entering the domain name flipping game at this point is financially prohibitive, in this article we would like to concentrate on flipping actual websites. The concept is simple. Buy a domain name for $10, add value to it and then turn around and sell the website to someone else who can hold it long term. It’s a lot like flipping houses. You buy a rundown house in a good neighborhood. Put in some sweat equity and add value to it, then sell it. What could be simpler? In fact a major website flipper, who makes millions of dollars monthly says

Fixing and flipping businesses is all about finding distressed businesses, fixing them up, and selling for a profit. Online businesses are especially prime for flipping as there are many things you can tweak, such as generating more site traffic through different sources.

Generally, you will be aiming to increase a business’s value through repairing and adding features, with the goal of selling for a profit in 10-18 months.

As simple as that…

In the next article we shall talk about specific ways to add value to websites that you purchase. Be sure to bookmark us and return.