most people who go into online marketing think as a side hustle and all they need to do is to place a few articles on the internet and then wait for the money to roll in. Far from it. Are you discouraged? Don’t be!!! There’s money to be made from online affiliate marketing but besides writing articles there are some skills you need to learn to earn the millions of dollars. It’s not that hard, follow along. We are also in the process of learning and perfecting these skills on this journey towards making money online.

Persuasion … Indeed the first skills you have to learn are the skill of persuasion. Think about it this way… You have to persuade your readers to buy your products. How is that language you are using? How is that tone? Is it so aggressive and aggravating that people just leave or exit your online shop without buying anything and never return? What about the staff you are working with? Do they like working with you? Can you persuade that writer that the article must be completed today? From the moment you embark on this project, you must learn the art of persuasion. I think I know a few books which I will link down below. But this is an art that comes naturally to many people if they put their minds to it. All your life you have been persuading people to do stuff. You just didn’t know you were doing it. Like this morning when you persuaded your little girl to eat up her cereal.

Selling – the second art with you have to learn how to sell stuff. Forget about being a writer. You are not just an online affiliate marketing writer anymore. Your main role as a solo entrepreneur is to sell sell sell. Pretty sure we don’t have to emphasize on this. How will you make money if you can’t sell? I remember I once took on a job at a call center as a salesperson. Honestly I was very unsuitable for it and so unsuccessful that I earned all the base pay and watched as others earned commissions. Most of us have done that call center jobs and had customers hang up on us as soon as we cold called them. So stressful. Anyway this is going to be harder, selling online because the customer leaves the site without you knowing they are browsing. Unless you have some plugin which we shall address on a different date. Basically, do learn to sell.

Going for the kill… Yes yes we realize that you are a gentle soul, perhaps even an empath. But guess what? You are going to learn to be tough and a little bit on the ruthless side. You are developing a product. You aren’t a millionaire yet. You need to be paid. It’s as simple as that. You will compete with other online bloggers for the tiny market. Remember we already agreed that the market is small and company budgets are limited. So to be the one person who makes money from blogging and online affiliate marketing, you are going to be ruthless. Now head over to your competition, see what they are doing and do it 💯 better.

As usual we look forward to your thoughts on any ideas we throw out here. We get better daily through your suggestions. Later alligator