There are several avenues common and available to most bloggers for monetization of websites. The beauty of this is you can choose one method or you can mix them all up and do a hit or miss run. Perhaps you have heard of the concept of spreading yourself too thin..

Here are the ways

  1. Adsense with Google
  2. Adverts from other providers
  3. Selling products through affiliate links after signing up with one or a thousand programs. It’s discretionary. Amazon affiliate program is a major program for many affiliates
  4. Drop ship selling products which you don’t own or store, in other words you act as the middleman who convinces people to buy and then you take a commission.
  5. Selling your own products such as ebooks
  6. Selling courses or training new people trying to break into the field

That’s it. Every passive income affiliate blogger uses one of the above methods to make their money. As we said previously, you could specialize in one method to make that passive income or you could combine the methods. Let us know which one is working for you.