These are organic methods to get more visitors to your passive income blog on a daily basis. As usual, a slight disclaimer, this traffic will not shoot up suddenly but will grow organically as you implement these methods. As far as possible, we try to talk only about free methods in case you are as cash strapped as we are.

Alright, ready or not, here we go. Try these methods…

  1. Brainstorm and research high traffic keywords for your affiliate blog. There are several tools for researching on keywords but the ones we know are not free so we will not feature them here. If you know of a free keyword research tool let us know. The point is, as soon as you decide on your keywords, you need to go hard on the SEO so you can rank for them.
  2. Write a headline to sell people on your article, this may sound weird but it is so true. Shocking headlines, click bait headlines, headlines with figures and numbers have been proven to get more traffic as people want to see those 10 places that they should see today before they die, 9 passive income businesses that will earn you $10,000 a week with no work. That kind of headline draws more audience but be careful not to overuse them because people aren’t that stupid. They will soon discover that you are selling fluff and a dream.
  3. Create a top list article around keywords, this relates directly to the headlines. Organize ideas around a top list, even when there is no list… Scratch that, find information that you can put into usable worthy lists. It makes your work easier to read.
  4. Design aspects, make sure your blog posts look amazing and create a great user experience. This will take money as you need to invest in a good designer. This could include a sidebar that promotes related content, highlighting the key aspects, pictures and images that are relevant.
  5. Optimizing your blog posts, promote old blog posts and promote existing content by editing it to rank for your keywords and optimize for search engines.
  6. Create new content and post daily or weekly to keep your affiliate blog fresh. There is always something that you can write about. We have an article on how to get ideas for you to write about.

Let us know which of the above methods you tried and how they worked out for you. Or didn’t… Not every method is suitable for your passive income affiliate marketing website so don’t beat yourself about it. Move on quickly to the next method… Cheers