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As usual we jump straight in. You should be used to that by now. We have been wondering how to get users once you create a great product. Obviously we have had wild fantasies that we wouldn’t remain affiliate marketers after some time, a successful stint hopefully in which we raise ludicrous amounts of hard cash to cross over into being founders. How blissful would it be to be the founder of the next big thing?

With these thoughts, we decided to start doing research on how the big businesses grew their user base to the billions of users worldwide today. For instance, how did Amazon grow out of its garage office and into the giant it is today.

On this part of the blog and under the category of startups, we intend to document the knowledge garnered from the research that we do. If for example, we find something interesting about getting funding, tips on hiring the right people to propel you, well basically anything on startups, we shall dump it here.

Consider this our repository of everything helpful in propelling you into being the next millionaire. So once daily, we may don the hat of millionaire founders and hopefully you will brainstorm with us in the comments and tell us what we post which won’t work… Or perhaps you know a way better shortcut to doing the thing we post… Like you, we are on the path to millionaireville… Yes we are… After we are done with online affiliate programs. Let’s chat and path the way forward