Today we are looking into how to reduce the bounce rate on our passive income affiliate blogs. Recall that in a previous article, we explained that the bounce rate is the amount of time people spend on your website. Also quickly remember that we said, ideally we want to lower the bounce rate so that people spend more time on your website. In case you didn’t know yet, we are aiming for 2 minutes. How hard can it be to get someone to spend 2 minutes on your website? Apparently, it is quite difficult.

These are some of the ways that you can lower that bounce rate. In no particular order:

  1. Improve Your Content’s Readability, we are still working on this. Never going to be perfect as people are looking for different content, so the best you can do is concentrate on what you are good at.
  2. Avoid Popups – yes, we get where this is coming from. This is usually pretty annoying. I have personally been to websites where, before you have even read one article, before you have been there for one minute, they are already pestering you to provide your email address before you can read more. I usually leave pretty fast. Yes! Please let me read a few of your articles before you make me pay for them by signing up that form. It gives me an idea of whether this is a website I want to return to in future.
  3. Create a Compelling Call-to-Action. – We will definitely be trying this one, it simply sometimes is a button saying, read more, buy from here. I have seen a lot of affiliate websites which have that button of go buy on Amazon. Yes, we shall be introducing those buttons once we have figured out how! So much work! So much learning to do… It’s kind of overwhelming!
  4. Improve Your Brand Storytelling…. We really don’t have a brand yet, so not too worried about this one but as soon as we decide to work on a brand, it is definitely something that we would work upon. Probably start by getting a logo over on Fiverr and hiring someone to juice us up and make us look good. Sounds like a plan!
  5. Keep Your Blog Fresh With the Right Content. …  On this, we do try. The thing is we actually enjoy writing and are enjoying sharing the knowledge as we learn it. But is the content fresh? The jury is still out as we haven’t received any feedback. Perhaps you will be the first to let us know.
  6. Target Keywords With High-Value Traffic… Yes, those pesky keywords. We intend to use the free keyword tools in the near future, we keep saying near future, well eventually it will happen.

Hopefully the above 6 items are helpful to you in lowering the bounce rate on your passive income online marketing website or blog. Let us know which one you are trying out this week. And as usual if you know something we don’t, do let us know.