Is it really possible to make more money online than you would in a full time job? This is a question many people ask themselves as they contemplate either leaving their full-time jobs or simply adding to their income.

Many gurus will tell you that it is possible and they are earning millions of dollars. However, for me, who has recently started online work, I am going to answer this question by concentrating on the things that I have learned along the way as I worked on my new blogs.

The mistake that most people make is to think that they can do this as a part-time job. This is not correct nor factual because working online is a full-time job. Perhaps down the line when you have worked at it for about five years, it can earn you passive income. For example, if you write a book, the difficult part is writing the book and having it published. But once you are done with this part, then you begin to promote it and earn from it. But before the book is out there, it is tough and you have to hustle hard to sit at your desk and write.

Therefore, our best advice if you are just starting out is to discard that notion that online work is part-time. The first thing you need to do is let it sink into your mind that this is a full-time job and start treating it as a full-time job because it is a full-time job. Since you are probably still working at your full-time job, you could set aside two or three days a week to work on your online job in order to get it established, before you jump in both feet. Getting a blog to be successful depends on the content that you put into it. Writing original creative content that will rank high on Google is obviously not that easy. This is not only because as previously mentioned it takes time to write good content but because there are people who started way before you and you are playing catch-up. Many writers will tell you that it takes quite a few hours to write a good article, after long hours of research and condensing the avalanche of information that is thrown at you. Not to discourage you of course, if you have excellent writing skills, you are already way ahead. More power to you!

Now that we got that part about writing out of the way, it is time to talk about that dreaded animal otherwise known as SEO. For your blog to rank high and be found so that you can make passive income online to the tune of millions, you need to work on SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization. This is a whole other topic that we shall be tackling as we learn more along the way. But briefly, we can state that we are currently learning about keywords and how to rank for keywords and which tools you can use to rank high on the search engines. It is a vast subject and major publishers employ one or two employees to concentrate on search engine optimization. Since you are beginning your journey and probably do not have the funds to hire full-time staff to help optimize your site, it is something that you must learn. One may think that they can trick the search engine Google and rank high by taking shortcuts such as buying backlinks but usually this backfires in the long run. This is mostly because Google has employed a lot of engineers who weed out these scams and further Google keeps changing its algorithms. In the recent past, earlier this year, there were numerous complaints from many people about how their formerly high-ranking websites were suddenly not being seen on page 1 of Google. Google had switched everything around. Guess who was not affected? The people that had great content from the beginning and had worked hard to optimize their sites.

We feel that we cannot over emphasize on the need for growth of content in an organic manner. What is great content you may ask? Great content is original and appears first on your site. Great content cannot be copied and if it is copied, Google soon discovers this fact and you can be totally screwed with your website being blacklisted by the engine. In this regard, we feel we should point out that if you decide to buy content from people, you need to run it through apps like Grammarly which not only help you check the grammar and spellings as you write, but also check whether the content that you just purchased is plagiarized. Nothing kills a website faster than content that is copied. To get your copy of Grammarly, click here.

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