If you are like most of us, you easily get the itch and say, I have had it with this affiliate market income job. I can’t do it anymore! Or you might want to sell your website because you have hit the wall, you are no longer productive on it, you are just tired of it, or you need the money to put into another project. How can you determine the value of your website before you put it out to pasture?

There are several things to consider:

1. The first is income! Everyone will want to know how much money you are bringing in on a daily basis, on a monthly basis, to see if it is worth taking off your hands. Looking through the marketplace for websites we have noticed that you can expect to sell at 24 to 36 times your average monthly revenue for the last 3 months. Therefore, if you have been averaging $200, you can expect to sell at $4800 to $7200.

2. The future trends! Perhaps you are blogging about a topic that is currently hot and trendy and that’s why your website is getting hit with all that traffic and income. But what will happen in a few months? Will people still be wanting the information and content that you offer? Will it have been replaced by another trend? This is really important at the beginning as you choose the niche you want to specialize in. Perhaps if your website seems that it will die a natural death sooner or later, you might want to keep the domain name, because you paid for it, and it is getting aged, a nice thing, and totally change the content and keywords that you are ranking for so that you can survive the future. Does that make sense? Innovate or perish!

3. Other statistics will include social reach including the email list, the number of social shares and how many people like your Facebook group, how many people follow you on Instagram, all that good stuff. Alexa Rank is also going to be important. As will be backlinks. And Domain Authority. We have skipped over these details because we have covered them in several articles before.

But this is not to be considered a definitive guide. There are other extraneous factors that will come in, including if it is your lucky day and people kind of fight over it, as in there is a bidding war! That would be awesome. But you might be selling, when there are no takers. Or your niche is too difficult to improve, perhaps you are in an extremely technical field for which a cheap writer wants $300 for one article. Buyers usually consider that stuff and will ask you about your expenses in the past and what they can expect in the future to maintain it.

Certainly, if you have put in more work than it is worth at the current market valuation, for example if you have paid for content that is expensive, you might want to hold onto it.

Let us know what we missed out and which items we should be concentrating on to improve the value of our affiliate marketing passive income blog.