At the beginning of the affiliate marketing journey, or trying to make any passive income online not too many people have founders flooding them with funds to build up their dream empire.

Therefore, assuming you are starting from scratch like us, with only $100, this is what we would do…

  1. Buy 2 domain names at approximately $13 each, from Siteground who are our current hosts. Of course one could buy the same domain names from other providers for less than this. At places like Namecheap you can buy domain names for your affiliate website for as little as $3 but always remember to read the fine print. Most domain names cannot transfer from one host to the other immediately. For example, you cannot buy your domain name at Namecheap and then transfer immediately to Siteground. There’s a standard waiting period of 3 months before you can transfer your hosting. Because we like the hosting plan at Siteground, we would therefore buy 2 domain names at $25.
  2. Pay for hosting. At Siteground, the hosting is about $7 a month, for the moment. By the time you read this article, it could be more or less than this. But if you buy for a year you could lock in your price. Look out for their promotions and catch a better price. But let’s assume we are buying today, so we are going to pay for hosting for the two websites for 6 months. That brings it to roughly $42. Thus far, buying the two domain names and hosting for 6 months , puts us at $67.

We still have $33 to spend. What should we spend this on? Should we have purchased domain privacy? It costs about $12 a year per name to keep your personal details private. But we will pass that for the moment. We are also not going to buy a theme because the cheapest ones we have seen are usually starting from $59. Also, they sell the same theme to everyone, so we will pass for now and keep the money in the bank. Okay, let’s just give in and buy another domain name at $13. And then another domain name for $13.

I guess at this point we have spent the $100 to buy 4 domain names and hosting for 6 months. Let’s get to work developing those 4 websites of which we are now the proud owners. We made the call to simultaneously work on 4 new passive income affiliate websites. We need to write content by ourselves, do the SEO by ourselves but that’s the fun part of this challenge. How soon can we get our affiliate websites to rank with no money 💰?

Let us know in the comments below how you would spend your $100 to make this affiliate income website a reality and make that millionaire money. Do you think we spent wisely?