Okay I think I have recovered. I am well enough to get out of bed today.

Two days ago I dreamed that I died. I am not sure what dream interpreters would say but earlier that afternoon, I was watching a gardening show on YouTube, in which a woman was showing how to decide which plants should stay.

She looked at 2 healthy agave plants and stared into the camera and declared…

“The mother must go! She’s taking up space and she has been here too long!”

At that moment, she proceeded to rip out the healthy mother plant and whacked it to death in a most callous horrendous manner.

I shivered because it is much too easy to discard people as they grow older or seemingly outlive their usefulness.

Also, I might be going insane from staying home for too long waiting to see if I shall live or die. I think we are all doing this right now. As you hear the statistics, it gets scarier.
This minor event of the old plant being murdered, compounded with the illness of our dog Princess who is roughly 90 years old, and constant worry about my elderly father, who is always ailing, might have led to my dream that I died.

It wasn’t scary by the way when I died. I just lay there so peaceful.

Then the next day I became sick for real. I had a sore throat and I was coughing like crazy. All the hospitals in Arizona, Florida and Texas are now full. I don’t know if this is normal because before this pandemic, I never monitored the number of people that go into hospitals.

I healed myself, I think. Aspirin and 24 hours of sleep and I feel like a new person. And I am ready to work hard today. I don’t know about tomorrow. But I do know today, I will write at least 5 articles.