Sometimes you come across a book and after you read it you say to yourself, I wish I had read this book many years ago. I would have saved myself so many tears. I would have been further ahead by following some of the simple strategies proposed in the book.

Today we wish to recommend 201 GREAT IDEAS FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS by Jane Applegate.

This is what a few people who were influenced deeply by the book have to say:

“The most comprehensive book I’ve ever read for the owner of a small business. If you are in business for yourself, make sure you get your personal copy. It could prove to be your biggest asset.”
wally amos
Founder of Famous Amos Cookies and Uncle Noname Company

“Give your business an extraordinary advantage— buy this book.”
harvey mackay
Author of Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty and Swim With the Sharks
Mackay Envelope Corporation

The book is an easy read and full of ideas that you can immediately put to good use. Be sure to check out this and other books by following the link below

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