Aaargh! What a day of self-doubt and just a terrible terrible waste! Some people might vehemently disagree with us on this one, but we are just going to put it out there. As you listen to those who have gone before us, those who started blogging ten years ago and have made the millions that we are hoping to make, it can become very confusing and you will try everything that they tell you to do. Very faithfully, I might add.

Today, we talk about plugins. Last week, I listened to a blogging guru give advice on which plugins a passive income online affiliate must just add to his site in order to make it work faster! Be found faster! Make more money! You know, all those reasons we are here! And then he went on to give a list of Top 10 plugins that you must install on your affiliate blog. We did that.

Now, please believe this is not a review of Yoast. This plugin has been heartily recommended by everyone and installed by millions of people who have given it raving 5 star reviews, so of course it must be very good. For us, it has been an absolute nightmare. It is easy enough to use. The trouble is that every time we wrote an article and tried to tweak it based on its recommendations, like insert a keyword here, use synonyms here, etcetera, the experience just got worse for us. They rated all our articles as just bad and not meeting the standards of SEO that they have set. Our readability was horrible. Everything was just rated low and you know we were at the point of giving up. Granted, we are cheap and frugal, okay, the truth is we have no budget so we had the free version, with all the advertisements crowding our dashboard, and being constantly urged to upgrade to the paid pro version for a better experience.

However, our self-esteem was in the pits! We always knew we weren’t the best writers out there but to be reminded ever so often, ever so frequently that the article we just put out there was bombing in all ways, man, that shit hurt! Yoast was to us, that toxic person who means well but always finds a way to put you down!

So, we have deleted Yoast! And we are happy campers! But we will be left wondering if our writing is that horrible! Can someone out there please leave a comment below telling us how awesome we are, so that we don’t give up this quest! Go on, one itty bitty compliment will do.

Meanwhile, we hope you continue writing and that you don’t stop, even when people say that you are rubbish! Someone out there, it takes one person will think you are awesome!

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