Sam Walton in his book, Made in America, reflects on how people thought Walmart was an overnight success… He says

Somehow over the years, folks have gotten the impression that Wal-Mart was something I dreamed up out of the blue as a middle-aged man, and that it was just this great idea that turned into an overnight success. It’s true that I was forty-four when we opened our first Wal-Mart in 1962, but the store was totally an outgrowth of everything we’d been doing since Newport—another case of me being unable to leave well enough alone, another experiment. And like most other overnight successes, it was about twenty years in the making.

It is interesting that people motivate others by not telling their true back stories. In blogging, nobody talks about sitting in the dark thinking up stuff to write, researching and finding that everyone else and their grandfather already wrote on the same subject and there’s no new angle that you could possibly give it.

The despair at refreshing the Alexa rank after posting three achingly beautiful articles and seeing that your website is in fact doing worse than it was before you spent 5 days writing those articles, the anguish at not having people read your work.. Nobody addresses that. And so we thought, why not us? And so we will consciously use this website to and this article to update on our progress as we update, write, grow or have our light diminished.

Find the courage to let us know how your affiliate income passive marketing business is going. Did you make that million dollar sale or did you earn 0.02 cents like we did?

Tough journey, hey?

Well, don’t lose hope. That’s why we are here. Each of our articles always has something simple which you can implement today to grow your affiliate marketing blog and make that passive income. Let us know if your blog is growing