This is something a lot of people forget! And to be honest, we had forgotten about it. Then someone who was looking through our websites reminded us about it. What a shocker the little things people notice on your website. It is all about the little things though, isn’t it? It is very hard to please human beings because they are being bombarded from all directions with content in the form of words, images, sound, everything you can think of.

We have finally changed the logo and the icon on 3 of our websites! What a relief! I think we will put this down as number 15 on that 500 list of things to do that we are writing. It is easy to do if you can quickly cobble together a logo of some sort. You may want to throw something together quickly because nothing speaks amateur like leaving that huge W for WordPress up there.

Alright you might want to know it is as simple as going back to your dashboard and following these steps:

From the admin dashboard, go to customize and open the header settings. Then replace existing logos and text with your own. If you do not replace with your own, it will continue to show WordPress Icon. In other words, you have to replace both logo and icon.

Remove WordPress Branding:

  1. Change login page logo.
  2. Remove WordPress Logos from Admin menu and admin bar.
  3. Replace with your own logo and your icon.

So, we finally did it today! What are your thoughts? Obviously, we will improve it in the future. But for now, we consider this as one victory. We got one task done today. What did you get done today for your affiliate website? Leave us a comment below.