Today I was taking a break from all this writing and SEO and online passive income stuff, so switched on the TV. I started watching this show called Queer Eye.

This show features the Fabulous Five, a terrific team of 5 gay guys who give people makeovers, a new start at life. So many life lessons from these guys, I guess they have been through it all, the clumsy high school kids bullied for their sexuality have emerged into butterflies helping other people, become what they could be. I recommend this show. It will teach you how to love yourself and how to make time for yourself, finding a perfect balance between giving and taking… Everything that makes us human beings.

And then I started thinking, how can I apply this to my affiliate income money making website? Is it time to give it a facelift or can I hold on? After how long and at what point should I consider hiring a techie to renovate it and make it way more appealing, more beautiful, more attractive, you know? Today, it does look like a pig with bad lipstick but that’s because I am still learning and I have no money to invest. But at some point, should I bite the bullet and scrimp and save to invest more in the future money bringing in website?

When will it be time to say that I should now buy the pro version of the free stuff that I am using? I am thinking at this point, that I will not put in any money. The goal of the passive income blog is to bring in money, not take more out. Even though people say you should invest in order to make more money, there has to be a certain point or a factor that helps you decide, yes, this program has a future that looks bright, so here, take this money and make it better.

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Tell me in the comments below, how you decided on your budget, and how you decided on which parts of the passive income blog you were going to apply it to. Was it the theme you were going to buy? Were you upgrading the plugins? Were you buying SEO services? Or was it backlinks? There is so much to go into making the perfect money making website that one can become rather confused. I did see someone online getting a quotation of $5,000 to create one single website, that they swore would rank in the top 1,000 websites on the Alexa Rank within a few months. I don’t know if they deliver. There must be a way to get out of the contract if they don’t deliver, right? Or do they put it in the small print that the results are not guaranteed? I don’t know. I myself want to learn how to build the website by myself so that I can replicate the results. Also, there is much joy in learning.

Okay, as usual, I have rambled off topic. The intent of this post was to tell you to renovate and upgrade how your website looks, when the timing is right. Maybe today, maybe in 5 months. Doesn’t matter… At some point, down the road.