You have come to the right place to find this kind of information on how to make money online. However, we hate to be the messenger of bad news. The bad news is that there’s no quick ways to make money online. Forget about what the gurus are telling you. It takes some work, a lot of daily work, many hours of dogged determination to make this online job make you some money.

The trouble with most people is that they believe that blogging is a side hustle something that you don’t dedicate a lot of time to something that you can just let sit there and it makes your money. Well that maybe true after some time and after you have added plenty of great content but before that time arrives it’s going to be hard work and tears and just a lot of man hours to put in as you lead the blog to the first page of Google search engine. You’re going to do a lot of writing. You’re going to do a lot of tweaks to the website. Some days you’ll be happy with it and some days you will not want to stare at it for one more minute. You will want to literally give it away for free and wash your hands off it.

OK that was the bad news. Since the bad news is out of the way let’s talk about the good news. Realize that your fate is in your own hands and you will make or break yourself. Having said that, we have done some research on the quickest way to make that million dollars per month. Yes it’s possible.

The top earning bloggers have written books showing you how to make money online. Now that sounds as bad as we meant to make it sound. Because most of the books are usually about how to set up your website and how to optimize it to get it ranked and which niches will make you money. Buy the book today for $600 only and by next month you will be making $20000 a month from your kitchen table. But we make no promises. We make no guarantees. People are usually enticed by the headlines and do not read the small print. Yes I sure wish I had the charisma to sell these books. Because it really is true that’s where all the money comes from. From writing books on how to make money!

Before you spend your non refundable $600 for that magical course, may we suggest that you try the $15 courses using the links below… In full disclosure as required by the authorities this is the right time to declare that we might earn a commission from that money that you spend…

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow. We always have a nugget of wisdom to pass along. Also we like reading comments on your experience in looking for the online holy grail. It’s there. Others have found it. Why not you?