I’m just going to type this out a dozen times so it’s clear: finish your shit. Finish your shit. Finish your shit. Finish your shit. Finish your shit. Finish your shit! FINISH YOUR SHIT. Finish. Your. Shit. Fiiiiniiiish yooooour shiiiiit. COMPLETO EL POOPO. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Fäkalien! Finish your shit.

Chuck Wendig

I think the writer, Chuck Wendig must have been exasperated by the time he wrote this! If we do get to vote for the best writing advice to enable you write more for your passive income blog, I am voting for Chuck. How many articles have you started and didn’t finish? Abandoned them halfway because perhaps they weren’t quite right. Or if you tend to be the typical absent minded writer, guilty as charged here, I cannot count how many half ass articles languish buried in my laptop. I have thought of hiring someone to edit and complete the home run for me. Over on Fiverr I could get someone to do this for $5 or more, but these are my babies. The fear that someone will mutilate my babies is real. But of what use are they if they’re hanging out in my laptop, unread and unloved?

Today I challenge you to rummage through your writing arsenal and finish up two articles. They may not be perfect for your money making blog but at least they will be out there. What’s the worst that can happen? Besides a lot of angry readers telling you off about the crap you just posted hoping to make passive income. Let me know how it goes.

Also maybe hop onto Fiverr if you don’t know how to edit them… Peace out, later alligator