It’s probably not too late in the day for us to talk about this. We don’t think we have gone far enough that we cannot replace our decisions at this point. Ideally this is something that we should’ve thought about before we started writing the blog or even before we chose our domain name but it’s never too late. One could always adopt if one made a mistake. I always say that it’s better to correct mistakes, rather than go full frontal knowing that you have made a gigantic mistake.

I am of course talking about choosing a niche. Before you start your blog, before you start thinking about the domain names you should be at the very least well aware of what you’re good in and what you are going to promote on your blog or what you’re going to be writing about. It is quite a learning curve setting up the blog if you’re new to this, not to think about adding the need to learn new staff makes the task seem almost impossible.

Therefore for your first blog we would suggest that you tackle a subject that you’re really good at and focus on it’s until you are the best in the field. For example if you are good in doing food preparation perhaps you might want to concentrate on a website that presents content on food preparation. It’s only logical that you would want to talk about something that you’re really good at. But if you are adventurous and are a fast learner there’s of course not stopping you you can tackle both learning about website set up and content writing. But if this is your first rodeo you might want to choose one struggle

Oh once again we might want to think about how people perceive the content that we write. People can normally quite easily tell whether the stuff is being written by an amateur over that’s being with him by a professional and in our opinion it is better to seem like you know what you’re talking about. Passion has been known to lead people into the money. History is replete with examples of people who made money just by following the passion. One example that comes to mind is Phil Knight of Nike shoes. From the very start when he was in college he was obsessed with shoes and he went on to study shoes and not every part of the shoes such that when he went into his shoe company it seems to have grown into an overnight success. Because he knew more about shoes than most people.

To return it find something that you’re really good at what are you have immense knowledge in and just Right about it. That is your knees and you’re the best person to write about it. Soon as you decide do you the best person in the field to write about this you will find the content comes easily and that soon you will have so many articles and you will be the authority figure in his niche. And then the money should come right?

So we here emphasize that for your sanity either choose a niche that you are great at or one that you are very interested in learning about. This process is long. Why not make it interesting for yourself?

if you find that you have not specialized in anything we would recommend that you take a shot course and try to quickly learn the stuff that you will teach others. Them any courses available some of them quite inexpensive stuff in that’s less than $15. Yeah below we have links to courses that might help you become a leader in your field or at least know how to present the content in a way that makes it ridiculously easy. Below the links