Never building an email list (I get that it’s better not to for some offers)

Not using a landing page

Marketing offers directly with out a warm up page

Expecting users to just buy

Not trying to gain trust with the users

Writing tons of content on keywords that you can’t rank

Picking niches that aren’t a good opportunity

Not using paid ads

Sticking to one paid ads format like Facebook and never testing anything else

Wasting huge amounts of time trying to get free traffic

Believing that Google is watching everything you do with a magnifying glass

Not understanding the technology aspects that are critical

Not treating it like a business

Not valuing your time (this works both ways, over working for too little and being lazy)

Not using outsourcing (when appropriate)

Not being willing to run campaigns outside of your home country

Not understanding that this is marketing

Not testing multiple niches / verticals

Not sticking to a niche when you find one that works for you

Expecting there to be some kind of template system that always works

Not trying to learn new things every day

Doing the same thing over and over expecting things to get better

Not understanding that publishing content on your blog is not marketing


Not analyzing competitors or even worse, not knowing who your competitors are (this is a big one)

And the #1 absolute biggest one is: Not understanding that marketing is not for you, it’s for the user…

Oh and ranting that you probably made a bunch of those mistakes, quit, and now make more money doing something else.

Looking at the list above, we can already see many things which we haven’t even began to tackle, since we are the new kids on the block. However, we can aver that we know what to do next since we have covered many of the above topics above and know the next steps. Do you? If you don’t, we will link some of the articles below. Let us know in the comments, which of these mistakes you are fixing to correct this coming week and how you plan to do this.