I realized that in writing these lists, people like to start off with the bad stuff, kind of like shock them and then give them the good news! We are going to do it differently. Just the good bits today and then we shall add the terrible bits as we progress. In fact, a better strategy for this article would be for us to keep adding stuff as we continue learning. There is no end to learning or discovering something so simple so easy and wishing, we knew all this beforehand. It would have saved us.

  1. We wish we had started to write content way before as soon as we knew what we wanted to write about. In one of our websites, we deliberated on the domain name for a month before we settled on something that we totally don’t like. And we are asking ourselves, how did we choose this horrible domain name? The truth is that you can take any old domain name and turn it into gold if you focus on the right stuff. And the right stuff, we have talked about it in several articles, the place where you should focus your time is on ranking your website and getting traffic. If you have the best name, with stinking traffic, then your affiliate blog is useless. You will not make any money. Much later on, we did an article on how to choose a domain name. But to think that we wasted a month choosing a name just hurts real bad! Moving on… No use spending more time on regrets
  2. Choosing a theme! Man! This gave us plenty of headaches. First of all, we didn’t have a budget for themes. You realize early on that there are only a few themes for sale and everyone is using them. I mean, nobody is going to develop for you an original theme for $59 and swear that he is not going to sell it to someone else. Therefore, to get an exclusive theme and design, you should expect to spend thousands of dollars. With this in mind, we decided to use free themes and spend the money elsewhere. It is not easy settling on any free or paid theme, is all we can say. We installed themes, uninstalled them, reinstalled them. Each and every time you change themes then you have to contact Google to reset the advertising accounts. Settle for a theme early and concentrate on developing your passive income affiliate money-making blog.

As stated earlier, this article isn’t complete, merely because we are learning more lessons daily. We shall continue updating it. Meanwhile if you wish to share with us, the lessons that you have learned as you blog, the things you wish you knew and the mistakes you could have avoided, feel free to share in the comments below.