In order to grow your blog you need to do some guest blogging. A guest blog is when you go to owners of various blogs and politely offer to write for them, with no expectations of any payment. It is a free service from you and in return for posting on their website, they allow you to link back to your site. In simple terms, consider it as approaching your neighbors and asking them to put up advertisements on their front lawn about your business. Sure you have seen those little signs around election time from the politicians. Now you too have to learn to put yourself out there in order to be seen.

Guest posting is wonderful for your affiliate blog as it allows your blog to show up in more search engines. It introduces you to new people and lets you build relationships.

Now, how does one find places that will accept their articles and in return offer them backlinks? There are many websites that do this but they are usually not domain authorities. The strength and value of any backlinks, depends on the domain authority. Find out which websites have authority. One quick example is Forbes. If you can have an article published on Forbes, on CNN, you are one step ahead. There are tools that you can use to check up on the domain authority before you offer to write for them. And they might not accept your article, so be prepared for a lot of rejection as you canvass. You may have to send 1000 emails in order to be accepted by 50 websites.

Building backlinks is a slow torturous process to get it done right. However, you donโ€™t have to do it by yourself. You could hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. Or you could buy the service from websites established to do.

Here is a link to a website where you can post for free. Https//