Recently we were able to purchase a fabulous domain name and were debating and deliberating on what we would sell on it. Yes this is the ass backwards way of doing things. Gurus and specialists who have been in the game of passive income for a while will tell you that you should first identify a niche and then look for the perfect domain name. Well, not us. We like to break the rules. We like to experiment, so this is going to be our great experiment.

About the name, after a casual search on the internet, we discovered to our delight that it resembles the domain name for high end jewelry, so perhaps we could slap on some bling from Amazon and try our best to sell the jewels. But then, conundrum, during this pandemic period are people buying jewels or are they holding onto their money 💰 and we would go bust trying to promote luxury item..

The next choice was 👠 shoes. Our fabulous domain name does have a certain resemblance to a brand of shoes which is neither high end nor lower end. Usually that’s the toughest stuff to sell. Well, that’s the gospel according to BFlik. The middle class is a tough crowd to please. And nobody on our team knows enough about shoes to blog the hell out of them. Remember in order to get the crowds, you either have to advertise heavily or do SEO, to land continuously on the first page of Google. Rules out blogging about shoes and is back on the drawing board.

Next part of our research, we find that our domain name is quite similar to a website that sells marijuana products. But guess what.. we don’t have the knowledge to blog about that. However, it’s a much more attractive niche because blogs on this grow exponentially within a short time. But it would appear that despite the massive traffic to these sites, many advertisers will not touch them. So they are out there with the begging bowl, with donate buttons on them… sigh.. It must be so terrible to have that traffic, we are envious to be honest, and not be able to monetize. In addition, we tried to share posts from these sites, you guessed it right… mean Zuckerberg has banned such websites. It must be remorse after inflicting so much hatred through politics. However, one can share to Twitter and to Pinterest. Thank you Twitter, we love you too.

Back to advertisers, Google is a no no because they say this… by the way, we are quoting from a response to a question on Quora.. The person who tackled the advertisers said this of them..

AdSense seems to take a zero tolerance approach to any of the following, when seen in new applications:

  • drugs (whether recreational or medicinal)
  • tobacco
  • alcohol
  • gambling
  • sex
  • violence
  • and others

Any sites on these themes are summarily rejected. Whilst AdSense’s policies appear to permit certain types of content on these themes, the reality is very different and they obviously don’t want anything related to these topics entering their network now. Anything that attracts controversy is simply rejected.

End of quote..

We are stuck. We are indecisive. It’s either jewelry, shoes or marijuana. None of which is our forte. But we are leaning towards marijuana for two reasons, one.. in many states, marijuana will soon be legal. Also, it would be nice to blog about something and get to top 1000 blogs within two years. That would be way cool. And who knows, in two years, someone with more money might take our $20 interest and turn us into millionaires. The more we ruminate on this and ramble on, the cooler the marijuana idea seems. It’s smoky, full of smoke.. but this is it. This is our million dollar idea.

We hope you have bookmarked this page so you can follow our journey on this new adventure. Any suggestions you have, let us know..