1. Stop doubting yourself. From the beginning you will have a lot of doubts. We wondered whether anyone would care about what we were writing, and if after they read, they would ever bookmark us and return. But you already know that blogging or writing on passive income affiliate blogs doesn’t always have the instantaneous feedback that social media does. Therefore, you probably will not know if it’s the same people reading. At best, Google Analytics, which every affiliate marketer should use, will let you know that 2 people visited your website. The lesson here is to just write. Write for yourself to meet those goals you already printed out.
  2. Just do it! Yes, just do it… Don’t ask for advice on how to go about it, how to be successful at blogging, how to make a million dollars through blogging etc etc. Definitely, there are many lessons to learn along the way, but don’t wait for someone to hand over their best methods to you on a silver platter. Even the snake oil merchants who charge an arm and a leg will probably guide you on how to buy a domain name and how to buy hosting from the hosting company they are affiliated to. True story, we signed up for a 30 day challenge to grow our affiliate marketing website and we expected to receive a daily tip on one amazing thing to do daily to increase our presence on the internet. That’s how the course was packaged. We were offered 15 days free and it was stipulated that we could opt out at day 15 if we didn’t like the tips. Well here we are on day 12 and we have been bombarded with emails urging us to buy a domain name and hosting from their provider. Well the one positive thing about this is that when we finally package our products, we will know to give some value. Therefore, just start, make mistakes, correct them and move on…
  3. Finally, READ! Cannot emphasize this enough, affiliate blogging isn’t merely putting down words. Read widely and keep learning from everyone. There is no single book that tackles all the issues you will encounter and so in the end it becomes learning continuously from a hundred different resources. In the end your success will come down to your ability to research, dissect the information and decide on what to implement. It’s going to come down to sieving.

Alrighty, it is your turn to tell us what lessons you have learned so far and how you sieve the information. What did you implement on your affiliate marketing blog which is working and already giving you passive income? Let us know