During my idle moments I often unwind by staring for endless hours at the 📺 TV. Today I watched Hoarders. It’s one of my go to shows when I need motivation to clean up and throw out rubbish. In this episode there was a lady Who was half buried under a pile of trash. It’s easy for an outsider, that is, those of us watching to yell under our judgmental breaths, like hey lady that couch has holes it needs to go. But we don’t know the back story. She sat on that couch for many hours nursing her baby who passed on a few years later. This is the only memory she has of her son. But we look at her and say… Ridiculous!! Get rid of that old thing.

Many of us writers are this way about our words. We are verbose. We think every word is brilliant and necessary. We imagine cutting off some words as killing off the vibe from our articles. We fail to appreciate that we aren’t writing for ourselves but we are now in this journey of writing a money making blog and our readers are looking for something specific.

Anyway, I am going to go ahead and hide some of the stuff I wrote. I am not ready for an editor to take a chopping knife and hack at it. Some of those words came to me in the middle of the night and like the Undertaker, my favorite wrestler, I bolted up and wrote them down. How can you ask me to give up those words which are so memorable? Words that might be so influential that people might quote them someday and say Bflik was a genius

I admit it. I am a hoarder of words. I need each one of them because I think they are all too good to discard. I don’t know if they are worth a money-making blog but I am going to hang onto them tenaciously for the moment. Also what book are you reading? Check out the ones below from Amazon. I am required to inform you that I may earn some commission from them if you buy using my link below. Thanks. Byeeee