Know what your endgame is

Who are you? What is your website about? Where are you going with this?

Someone said, cannot remember who, that a dream not written down, is just that. A dream. Also, certain people have talked about having an elevator speech. Defined by us as a two minute summary of who you are and what you are all about. For startups and affiliates like you and I, this translates to being able to talk about our new affiliate business and in a minute be able to summarize where we are at and where we will be in a few years and what we are doing in practical steps to get there.

Perhaps now that you have settled down, maybe at the end of the day when you are relaxed, you could think about that elevator speech to a potential investor. Would he buy your story and think, oh yeah this is a business I could totally buy because in two years, this guy will be killing it. Or would the investors think, based on your inability to describe what you are about and where you are going, just walk rapidly away.

As you take a break and a breather, think about where you are going. Obsess over this if need be, but just have a concrete idea of where you will be. And now, listen to my one minute speech, if you will…

Hi Investor, thank you for your time. I am an affiliate marketer who wants to be the best in affiliate marketing through various niches. In five years time, I believe I will have developed and sold 100 profitable websites. I am still learning the ropes and I have taken several months to develop a half dead website which has no current income so I have no income spreadsheets to show you. But here’s the thing. Just trust me, once I get the hang of this thing, I think I will be able to put together one website daily. How about that?

Now dear reader, give me your speech about your online affiliate passive income business. I do want to improve on my elevator pitch. Use the comments… sitting here patiently waiting on you..

Never ever give up

Never give up, they said! But how do you never give up when the odds are against you?

Yesterday I was out there sitting in my little backyard garden. I just love sitting in my garden and reflecting on the things that have taken a little longer than expected to achieve… I am not going to say wise things like never give up 😂 not today. I am just going to be morose and say, whatever happens will happen and is just another bridge to cross.

The plants that I bought at great expense at Home Depot and Lowe’s haven’t done so well. It is not because they were bad plants but because I don’t have that magic green thumb. Or perhaps not enough love for them, because sometimes I forget to water them. I had thought of putting in an irrigation or watering system myself since I have watched enough videos on how to lay it down, but every winter it is too cold to be out there, and every summer it is too hot to be out there. And of course, the Fall is just too perfect to be working. I would much rather be having fun at that time because it is just perfect! Did I say perfect? I must have forgotten the barrage of mosquitoes that we usually get.

My garden is dead! I need to get up and chuck out all the dead plants, bin them and have them out of here. But I suppose it can wait. Often I put off tasks for another day, because yes, there is always another day and it will come tomorrow. However, with my websites, because I dream of the money, I can actually count it, I am more motivated to sit down and write, write, write… I sure hope you are reading! And you can leave me a teeny weeny comment, throw a crumb at me to encourage me to work on my affiliate marketing blogs so I can make that passive income. Wouldn’t that be awesome, finally making something!

Statistics can weigh you down

Sometimes statistics will throw you off your game… That’s life, get up keep going. One of the statistics that has haunted us for a long time is how much traffic we are getting and whether our Alexa rank is improving. Or is it getting worse? Are we losing our readers or are we gaining any new readers? Yes, statistics are vital in growing your business and understanding where it is going and how to improve it. Statistics are used for making a lot of decisions. But heck, sometimes you can lose a lot of ground when you focus on them. In larger companies, there is the man who is in charge of worrying about the statistics and figures. And then there would be you, the writer and blogger. Normally, creatives aren’t overly concerned about statistics. They aren’t even too worried about the money and often may see writing or blogging as a hobby on the side. But then we already agreed this is a business for which you need to be paid, right?

You know how over the last week we have been talking to you, and to ourselves about how easy it is to become an instant millionaire through online affiliate marketing? Yes, we have tried to be very motivated and also tried to help you our reader also stay in the game. However real life has a way of trying to kick you in the backside. Today while researching for an article, we bumped onto these very grim joy killing statistics, as quoted below…

This is an average timeline for a business to reach a million:

2 years – You’re in survival mode. Anything that can go wrong, will. You will learn and try to grow a team. 20% of businesses fail in the first two years.

5 years – You earn between $100,000 to $500,000 a year on average if you’re not one of the 45% of business that has failed by this point.

10 years – You have a $1+ million dollar a year income. 65% of businesses don’t last this long according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

20 years – You’ve reached an 8 figure net worth.

30 years – You built a 9 figure net worth.

If you work your ass off you can reach a million dollars in under 10 years. 10 years???????? 10 years??? Nobody got 10 freaking years to wait around! Our aim is to become millionaires in exactly 365 days. And we have already exhausted 90 days. Technically by June 2021, we expect that big check. what to do. Going back to bed to sleep off this gaping disappointment. So disgusted… Aaaargh… See you tomorrow. We shall be in a better frame of mind.