First of all, we apologize for copying a lot of this post from Google My Business frequently asked questions. The truth is they present the information so clearly that we couldn’t make it any better, so here goes…

What is Google my business and what are its advantages and why should you get it today? Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.

Imagine a tool that gives you a free website and allows you to connect with your customers. You might say that you already have your own website, but perhaps you could consider this as a backup in case your own website is ever off for some reason.

Can you get a free business profile and what comes with it? Your free Business Profile on Google helps your business show up when it matters most: the moment customers are searching for your business or products or services like yours on Google Search and Maps. Log into your Google My Business account to update your address, phone number, website, open hours, and more to help customers find and connect with your business. Keep your profile updated with fresh photos, special offers, and promotions to make it easy for customers to choose you.

Okay the secret is here, why you really need to get on Google my business… The free publicity and the fact that Google always shows its own pages first. Honestly we are still trying to explore how we can do this as online affiliate programs marketing experts without giving all these personal details. Remember that for affiliate programs, it’s not really about you but about the products that you represent. Also although we confirmed and signed that we had read all the small print, we still need to go back to the terms and find out if we can post to Google. Perhaps we can just list our websites.

One thing we are sure of is that if you have your own personal products and are the master of your own fate, you need to be on Google my business at

Finally pro life tip… There’s an app! Yes, and it’s free. You can do everything you already do in your web account and then some with the Google My Business app. Enhanced features make it easier to create a standout Business Profile on-the-go.

Finally, if we have not already convinced you, they say even if you already have your own website you should have a Google my business website , and we quote… Yes! Your free Google Business Profile complements your website by adding more visibility to your current business website on Google Search and Google Maps. You can even add a link to your website on your Business Profile.

Let us know if you decide to use this fine directory and show us your Google website so we can learn from you. Be not afraid to link it below in the comments… We want to hear from you on how your affiliate marketing online passive income blog is working out… And the lessons learned so far…