When you are starting off in affiliate marketing and hoping to supplement your cash strapped self, since no money is coming in yet from your money making blog, you might think of side hustles such as writing and getting paid for it.

Well we had arrived at the crossroads. We needed quick cash. And this is when we began to research places where you can write online and make money. The first place we came across on Google page number one was a paid ad for writers to join.

Upon clicking the link we were led to a site where you have to pay to join in order to bid for any writing jobs. The writing club which has recently rebranded itself seems a little sketchy. To find people to join the club they run a lot of advertisements. Perhaps it is the cost of these advertising that they charge you $108/yr for a subscription.

Certainly we aren’t considering doing that. There’s so much I could do with $108 to promote my own affiliate marketing business so that I can make more money blogging full time.

But more importantly let’s address the elephant in the room. A few weeks ago we talked about buying your content on Fiverr marketplace if you are too busy to write. But did we mention that you could also register yourself there as a writer and sell your writing skills? Best of all, it is completely FREE to register. Go on and use the link below to register. And as usual remember to come back here and let us know how you have used the resource.