Are you making excuses to yourself on why you don’t finish writing that awesome article you started last week? The beautiful thing is that you cannot lie to yourself. Of course you can tell people that you are just too busy and that you already have 16 hours crammed full of stuff to do, assuming that you only sleep for 8 hours… Yes, one billionaire habit is to sleep only for 8 hours daily.

Let’s see if we can find 2 hours out of your day to dedicate to that article… Here is where you might improve on..

  1. Cut down on the amount of time you watch television
  2. Cut down on the time that you are on Facebook and other social media. How many tiktok clips did you watch today? How many notifications did you respond to? Ideally, you should only be on social media to quickly catch up on trends and spread links pointing back to your websites.
  3. We realize the importance of getting in some exercise and walking the dog. But did you know that your smartphone and your iPad have the capability of taking dictation. We were going through our best articles and realized they were done on the fly with the first draft dictated. The smartphone may not understand your drawl at the beginning but it quickly adjusts and soon you won’t be using your hands. Voice typing is so much faster.
  4. Fix a specific time that you will sit down at your desk, whatever is going on, and get that work done. Great writers are known to force themselves to sit down for hours and won’t get up until they get in a certain number of words. Set yourself a time and number of words.
  5. There is always that one hour at the beginning of the day or end of the day when you are on downtime and doing absolutely nothing. That time you tell yourself, you are just chilling, can you fit in half an hour of writing?
  6. If you commute to your other job, could you write on your phone instead of staring into space or scrolling through pictures on Instagram? Yes it’s possible. The time you are queuing for stuff, or over your lunch break, could you write one paragraph?

The point of this article is to motivate you to find that time to complete that article for your awesome affiliate marketing blog. Challenge yourself by setting concrete goals such as, write one article weekly. As you get into the rhythm, you could demand more of yourself. Have a goal and a vision for your affiliate business in mind.

Let us know the ways in which you are improving your writing skills, in regard to time allocation.